Individual Short-Term Medical Plans

Short-term Medical plans provide the immediate coverage needed between jobs, after graduation, or while waiting for permanent coverage. Coverage can be from 30 to 185 days and can begin and end any day of the month. Deductibles typically range from $250 to $2000. Underwriting is usually more liberal than normal health insurance making short-term insurance easier to qualify for.

You decide the length of coverage of your Short-Term PPO Plan. The policy is typically non-renewable and designed to meet health plan needs while you are between other coverage. After the Short Term PPO Plan expires, you may complete a new application and reapply for a new plan. However, after you have had two elections of a Short-Term Plan with less than a six-month lapse between, you must wait six months before you reapply for short-term coverage.

Pricing is based on a per-member per day rate. In addition to satisfying the streamlined underwriting requirements to qualify for coverage, you must be a permanent legal resident of California or Arizona, and a resident of the United States for at least three months.